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Senior Teacher

  • M. Ex. Sc. (currently completing) B. Phys. Ed. Dip. Ed.

  • Surf Life Saving Woolamai Beach

  • 1st Dan Gong Kwon Yusul

  • Aust swim accredited swim teacher

  • Accredited Sports Nutritionist

  • Registered Powerlifting & Weightlifting Coach

  • Owner MD Strength

  • Over 15 years experience as strength and conditioning coach.

  • Over 15 years swimming coaching experience.

  • Over 17 years year’s of martial arts experience.



Mark has qualifications in teaching, sports science and he is also currently completing a masters in strength and conditioning as well as having extensive experience in boxing, kickboxing, grappling and Filipino martial arts. He brings his wealth of knowledge from many sporting disciplines to the staff and students at FDSA, offering FDSA a comprehensive teaching modality. During his youth Mark was a national level swimmer and then spent over 10 years as a Swimming/Strength & Conditioning coach before starting at the Frank Dando Sports Academy in 2017. His relaxed approach to students and any misbehaviours allows students to lower anxiety levels and makes Mark very approachable for any concerns or queries that students or parents may have.

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