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Students who enrol here have a history of erratic behaviour and lack an ability to concentrate on set work.  This often results in a poor level of reading and maths.  Accordingly, we spend a major part of our teaching time on these two subjects.

At least 80 minutes is devoted to the language program each day.  This largely consists of reading, comprehension, grammar, written and oral expression.  A language laboratory is used twice per week which concentrates on reading at a child's specific level and includes comprehension, word analysis and grammar.

We teach maths in three groups. Each class begins with a 20 minute speed and accuracy test followed by remediation of homework mistakes followed by intensive work from our set program.  Work is tested weekly.  We set out to bring students from (typically) year 4 standard to year 9 standard in two-three years. Two hours per day are spent on maths plus half an hour of maths homework five nights per week.

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Each day starts with an hour of physical activty that may include judo, karate, boxing, kickboxing, running and strength and conditioning exercises.

At lunch time the school travels to Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre, where the students use the 50 metre outdoor pool to complete laps and improve their swimming and life saving skills.

On Friday afternoons in term 1 the school is often found at one of Melbourne's local beaches, where boys swim and snorkel and practice their life saving skills in an open water setting. After term 1 the boys participate in various activities such as caving, indoor rock climbing, ninja warrior training, basketball, soccer and bush hikes.

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There are four camps included each year:

  • Hiking, horse riding, canoeing and basic bushcraft around Daylesford  

  • Survival camp at Lerderderg Gorge

  • Ski camp at Mt Hotham

  • Life saving camp at Woolamai Surf Life Saving Club where the students train for, and complete, their Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion

Although the setting and activities at each camp are different, they are all designed to be physically challenging and rewarding, and all aim to develop the students' confidence, social skills, resilience and skill base. 

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